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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Q-R website. Your privacy and private information is our priority, and we do our best to provide you the most secure experience with our “Terms and Conditions” regulated by [Article 30 of Personal Information Protection Act] and [Article 27-2 of Act on the Promotion and Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.] of Republic of Korea. For English users, this agreement is provided in English in addition to Korean. The original Korean version will take priority over the English one, if there is any different interpretation. Please be aware.
01 Information to be collected, method and purpose of collection
(1) Purpose of the items to be collected
Company collects only the minimal information required for the following purposes: – Customer inquiry, career inquiry and providing requested information to the individual(s) agreed to the terms- If there are any laws, regulations and guidelines that require the Company to collect such data and information- Unavoidable information and collection of data regarding an actual contract to be drawn.
(2) Personal information items to be collected
Personal information items to be collected by the Company are as follows:.- Full name, date of birth, address, e-mail address and phone numbers. Company will request additional information if any laws and regulations governing it require the Company to do so, especially for contracts and career opportunities. These may include your personal identification information such as passport number, social security number and social insurance number as well as your financial information and social information such as your final scholar status, transcript and any other certification(s) required to perform Company’s duties.
(3) Method of Collection
① Company collects aforementioned data through online forms on this website and/or documentations regarding contract negotiation and service request forms.② Online forms will use either “agree” or “disagree” methods, and by clicking on “agree” section, Company will assume you gave your full agreement in collecting your personal information and data. If you choose to “disagree” any terms and conditions, you may contact us through offline methods to negotiate otherwise.
02 Keeping and usage period of personal information &Disposal process and method of private information
(1) Usage and storage period
Company follows all laws and regulations of Republic of Korea regarding the usage and storage period of your valuable personal information. Under these regulation, Company also stores all data until requested project(s) is(are) completed.
(2) Disposal process and method
The moment Company deems your personal information not necessary for any needs, Company will use the following methods to dispose your private information in a secure way. However, if required and necessary by laws and regulations, Company will store data until the law requires Company to do so.- Electronic information: Deletion of all data and personal information with no intention to restore in the future.- Physical information and documentation: Incineration and/or shredding.
03 Sharing collected information and providing information other than aforementioned purpose(s) for consignment.
(1) Sharing information with a 3rd party.
① Company follows a strict regulations regulated by the article 1-1 of this Terms and Conditions and will not share any information with a 3rd party. However, if required by the following, Company shares the information collected with a 3rd party and provide information for various purpose(s) and need(s).- User’s agreement to provide information to a 3rd party and/or sharing.- If the laws and regulations governing require the Company to share and provide information for reasons not stated in this Terms and Conditions.- If the User providing information is unable to exert one’s rights and is clearly needed to protect the Company, 3rd party and/or anyone associated with the project but unable to reach the User for an immediate agreement.- For educational, analytical, and/or research purposes in forms of unable to identify the certain User.② Company does not use the information and/or share with a 3rd party for its own purpose(s).
(2) Consignment of information
① Company has contracts to consign the privacy and information data collection, and its guidelines are clear and stored electronically and/or physically.② Company handles the consignment as following, and share the collected information and data temporarily for this purpose – Consignment Purpose: System maintenance and regular newsletters and notification regarding the website use and Company business- Consignee: Egreef Co., Ltd.
04 Obligations of Users and legal representatives.
(1) User may request to peruse all personal information that the Company handles that are associated with the User.
(2) User may request to correct and/or delete wrong information listed in the database. However, if the law and regulations require the Company to act otherwise, User may not request any further.
(3) User can request Company to stop data collection and process. However, Company can reject such request under the following needs:
– If the laws and regulations governing Company requests to follow a certain process- If User’s request(s) may harm other individuals and/or is concerned that User’s request might infringe other’s rights.- If the User did not specify whether a contract is to be negotiated and/or followed clearly. And is required for the collected data to be used to determine the validation of any contract between the company and the User.
05 Securing data and information stability.
Company is following the [Article 29 of Personal Information Protection Act] to ensure any information and data is kept securely using technical, managerial and physical methods.
(1) Planning and Execution to ensure a safe process handling personal information and data collected.
Company plans and executes all methods to ensure information and data collected are not to be lost, stolen, changed without permission, damaged, wrongfully used, and leaked.
(2) Encryption of personal information and data
Specially important information such as personal ID and passwords are kept and used securely using encryption methods such as SSL.
(3) Technical methods against hacking and cracking
① Company has set up security measures such as firewalls and IPS to ensure any network breaches and regularly maintain the features to proper condition(s).② All servers and PCs used by Company is using the latest vaccine and protection software and regularly updated.
(4) Personal information processing system’s restricted accessibility.
① The system is kept and operated in a secure area with limited physical access.② ASystem’s administrative rights are minimized and are maintained securely.
(5) Storage of access information and methods to prevent tampering
Company assigned a personal information manager and stores all history of the manager accessing the system for over 1 year.
06 Installation and refusal of automatic information and data gathering software and device
(1) Company uses cookie collection to help with your website user experience. Cookie is a minimal information sent to User’s web browser(s) (IE, Safari, Netscape, Chrome, etc.,) and stores certain data locally to the web browser so the User does not have to repeat tasks to enter certain information. Cookie does not identify the user specifically, but just the browser information.
(2) User has the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. You can accept all cookies, no cookies or get notified when cookies are received. You may find this option in the browser menu
07 Personal information peruse request
1) User can request to peruse how their information is being used by visitation, phone, fax and Q&A.T. +82-2-522-4488, F. +82-2-525-7871
(2) After requesting, you may submit [Personal information Request Form] and go through verification process to be notified.
08 Change in policy
This Terms and Condition with all its associated policy is a guideline to protect all personal information and data. It could change at any time and a link will be provided below to see the change log.
09 Personal Information Manager
Company’s Personal Information Manager according to [Personal Information Protection Act] and [Act on the Promotion and Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.] is as follows:

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